• It is not stripped even in the hardest working conditions.
  • It rotates in full circle and it is worn equally on all sides during the cutting process.
  • It discharges the chippings uniformly and keeps cutting speed steady.
  • No aging is seen while bending at the corners and diamond beads are not fractured in brittles.
  • Custom production services are available according to the stone types.
Type of the StoneCutting Speed m2/h
Soft Marble10-16
Hard Marble8-10

Wire ropes should be stringed with 28-30 beads for marble, 36-40 beads for granite and 36-40 beads for concrete (per meter).

While the diamond wire rope is assembled, the springs should be tightened enough to apply full pressure on beads and should never be left loose.

Otherwise, one-sided wear on the bead and enlargement at the inner side of the core can occur.

Before operating the diamond wire rope, it should be pre-twisted once per meter in opposite direction of the joints’ direction.

If the wire is pre-twisted in the wrong direction, joints become loose and beads start to wear one-sidedly.

If the wire is pre-twisted insufficiently, it will not be able to rotate on its own axis as it should, creating a non-uniform wear, causing an inefficient cutting.

Water flow should be sufficient while the diamond wire rope is working.

The color of the tail water shows whether the water flow is sufficient or not.

If the tail water is clear, it means excessive use of water. If dry marble dust and particles discharge, it means the water flow is low.

If the flow is low, beads start to burn and wear. If the flow is high, it creates a water cushion, resulting in a lower cutting speed.

This situation causes redundant energy consumption and waste of time.

While cutting with diamond wire rope, the ropes should not be stretched to an excessive tension.

If the wire is excessively stretched, the beads wear conically and one-sidedly, thus causing early expiration.

Diamond wire rope should not be assembled in a cross-linking way.

Or else, the beads start to hit each other resulting in fraction and damage.

Please consult our Technical Service for any problems that may occur.

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