There is a deviation in the cut.

  • Tension of your saw may be out of tolerance.
  • Please consult our technical service.
  • Please check the right angle and parallelism between the shaft and the counter by a gauge.
  • Please check whether the flanges are sharpened and have suitable diameters.
  • The saw may have become dull.
  • Sharpen the saw without penetrating the stone too much but performing a counter movement swiftly.
  • Please make sure that the stone on the counter does not move during the cutting.
  • Please note that the bushing and bearing turn without worn and side run-out.

The saw is wobbling while turning.

  • Tension of your saw may be out of tolerance.
  • Please consult our technical service.
  • Please check whether the flanges are in suitable diameters and at right angle.
  • Please check the motor shaft and bushing.

The saw is very noisy while operating.

  • Tension of your saw may be out of tolerance.
  • Please consult our technical service.
  • In case of noise due to resonance while idling -most particularly for multiple and small-scale saws- it means that you need a special type of saw.
  • Please consult our technical service.
  • If there is too much noise during cutting, then the segments on the saw may not have a proper fit. If the noise exceeds the allowable volume for residential areas, please prefer Unimas Silent Type Saws.

The teeth roots of the saw’s steel core is wearing fast.

  • Stone wears the saw’s steel core while the saw is running in the stone.
  • This happens especially during the cutting of high-abrasive stones.
  • The cutting chips should be kept away from the point where the segment and steel core are brazed.
  • For this purpose, a protective segment is placed in where the segment and steel core are brazed.
  • However, cooling water should be clean and used generously, while concentrated on the cutting point.

One side of the segment wears more than the other side.

  • Motor shaft, flange, counter and stone are not in line.
  • Since one side of the segment doesn`t get cooling enough, that side is exposed to more wearing.
    The saw may have lost its circular shape.
  • If the bearings are worn out, the shaft is worn, and the saw is not able to proceed fast enough in the stone, the saw loses its circular shape.
  • It takes an elliptical form and runs with knocking (pink).
    Pink causes overload for some parts of the diamonds while causing the other part not to wear at all. Thus, the saw becomes ineffective.
  • To solve this issue, please make sure to align motor shaft, counter and stone direction.
    It is important that the cooling water is regular, sufficient and clean.
  • Please make sure that the bearing and engine mount are clean and unworn.
  • While installing the saw, centering pins required for this process must be mounted.

Segments are wearing faster than they should. 

  • The saw may not be suitable for the cutting of the relevant stone.
  • Cooling water may not be sufficient.
  • If the saw has knocking issues, some segments may be worn out early due to the overload.

Recommendations on manufacturer’s application and implementation technique

  • Please request the most appropriate cutting blade or core drill for the material to be cut.
  • Please insert the cutting blade or diamond drill to rotate in the direction of the ARROW.
  • Please prefer the most suitable speeds for cutting and drilling processes.
  • Please make sure of the following guidelines for the machine:
  • Motor shaft should be clean and not have any run-out.
  • The bearings should be overhauled.
  • Flanges to be used should have suitable diameter and clean surface.
  • Tension of force transfer belts should be checked.
  • Use sufficient water during cutting or drilling (except for dry cutting operations).
  • Mount the blade in a “slide fit” way.
  • Adjust the traverse rate of the machine in conjunction with the cutting and drilling operation.
  • If the abovementioned operation conditions are performed precisely, it means that you are using the cutting blade or core drill in the most secure conditions while ensuring to obtain the highest performance.


  • In order to obtain the most convenient performance and economic yardage costs from a diamond cutting saw, the following should be taken into consideration:
  • The hardness of the material to be cut.
  • Reinforcement case of the material to be cut (whether it is reinforced or not)
  • Cutting parameters
  • Power and angular velocity of the machine
  • Saw parameters (Diameter L-T-X)
  • Amount of cooling water
  • Flange Diameter
  • * Clean the cooling water canals, check and renew the pumps, bearings and bushings.

Please consult our Technical Service for any problems that may occur.

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