Concrete Joint Widening Saws

Concrete Joint Widening Saws;

  • Various diameters between 350-450 mm
  • Our joint widening saws are used at mostly airports, as well as for joint widening works of other large concrete fields, for maintenance of R.A.T areas, cleaning works of old joints, for cutting cable-laying canals on concrete floors of airports or industrial zoning areas, and for many other processes.
Diameter (mm)Full Diamond Sizes         L-T-X (mm)Number of Segments 
350 Narrow Slots40-4-725 
350 Narrow Slots40-5-725 
350 Narrow Slots40-6-725 
350 Wide Slots40-8-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-8-725 
350 Wide Slots40-9-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-9-725 
350 Wide Slots40-10-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-10-725 
350 Wide Slots40-12-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-12-725 
350 Wide Slots40-14-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-14-725 
350 Wide Slots40-16-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-16-725 
350 Wide Slots40-19-721 
350 Narrow Slots40-19-725 
400 Wide Slots40-6.0-724 
400 Wide Slots40-8.0-724 
400 Wide Slots40-9.0-724 
400 Wide Slots40-10-724 
400 Wide Slots40-12-724 
400 Wide Slots40-14-724 
450 Wide Slots40-10-726 
450 Narrow Slots40-13-732 
450 Narrow Slots40-14-732 
450 Narrow Slots40-15-732 
450 Narrow Slots40-16-732 
450 Narrow Slots40-19-732 

L= Segment Length (mm)

T= Segment Thickness (mm)

X= Segment Height (mm)

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