Concrete Cutting (Joint) Saws

Concrete Cutting (Joint) Saws;

  • Designed for all kinds of equipment,
  • Fresh (wet) or dry in relation to the cooling period
  • Includes various aggregate types and rates,
  • For all kinds of strength quality
  • Reinforced (equipped) – monocoque (unreinforced)
    Horizontal or vertical

Various types and sizes of saws that can reach to high performance values thanks to their special protection structure for the diamonds in the segment.

 – Saws in various diameters between 300-1200 mm

Diameter (mm)Full Diamond Sizes 
L-T-X (mm)
Number of Segments 
 300 Wide Slots40-3.2-7/1018 
 300 Narrow Slots40-3.2-7/1021 
 350 Wide Slots40-3.2-7/1021 
 350 Narrow Slots40-3.2-7/1025 
 400 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1024 
 400 Narrow Slots40-3.8-7/1028 
 450 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1026 
 450 Narrow Slots40-3.8-7/1032 
 500 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1030 
 500 Narrow Slots40-3.8-7/1036 
 600 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1036 
 600 Narrow Slots40-3.8-7/1042 
 700 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1040 
 800 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1046 
 900 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1052 
1000 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1057 
1200 Wide Slots40-3.8-7/1068 

L= Segment Length (mm)

T= Segment Thickness (mm)

X= Segment Height (mm)

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